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58 – Bender telecasters


February 28, 2013 by Royal and Doodall


Why bender telecasters? Easy really. It was early in the episode so I wrote it down. We recorded for about 8 hours during this session and that was all I remember. Intro supplied by @YourBeingATwat off of twitter. Cheers.

Anyway we talk about bender telecasters, the shadows again, guitarash the dinosaur from Jurassic Park 4 and how cobra’s are just mean.

Movies: We carry out a full and in depth review of ‘The Pianist’. Also DVD and Bluray releases of James Bond’s Skyfall because Tommy saw James Bond. The James Bond in a supermarket but not at the butchers counter. We think he was hired by an Asiancy.¬†We have a whiteboard in the studio which means Doodall draws immature and childish pictures. Tommy has the cleaners in which we think is code for him menstruating.

Then we are interrupted by Travis and Brandi Clark from Tiny Odd Conversations. Its at 21:50 if you want to skip forward Travis. Brandi has a funky knee which we assume means only that part of her body could be on Soul train. Travis is, or at least should be, the American Rolfe Harris and leader of the Rolfe Harris resurgence group. We acheive a podcasting world first. Timestamp 1:00:05 to 1:02:07 we manage to keep Travis quiet for over two minutes. Plus this is the episode where we reveal Brandi’s actual job live!

We discover what a yeard is and play an episode of VTOC with Tiny Travis Clark. Follow him on twitter @ThatTinyTravis because he has more followers than Tommy Royal and it annoys him. Travis speaks RAD and Tommy is G W Bush everytime he does American unless he is a Gaytor.

Whats a gaytor? Well listen to find out.

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