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59 – A Lady never tells


March 9, 2013 by Royal and Doodall

A lady never tells

This is a short special release for episode 59 as we have an exclusive interview with Dick Van Dyke and Mary Poppins.

We explore Mary Poppins lost under tights and discover that Dick Van Dyke is a pervert. During the interview we uncover the truth about Mary Poppins ability to fly and apparent friction burns.

We discuss the complet back catalogue of pornographic material they have been involved in and Dick Van Dykes use, and indeed influence upon the creation, of ruffies. They discuss the awkward matter of copyright infringement which has caused them to avoid certain material. Dick Van Dyke is involved in a time paradox and Mary likes Mary Jane. We compare crispy muffins to wet muffins and discuss the rare Red Heron which is an endangered species of bird which is now only found in London.

Then we are truly blessed to have a sing-a-long involving Tommy, Angus, Mary Poppins and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lastly a massive thank you to Brandi Clark and Travis Clark of Tiny Odd Conversations and fame for absolutely no reason at all.

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