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Cod save the Queen

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March 30, 2013 by Royal and Doodall


An Australian showing of the Oscar-winning film The Queen was turned into a farce by inept subtitles. It turned the movie, being shown to an audience of deaf people in Sydney, into a comedy of errors.

“Buckingham Palace” appeared on-screen as “Burking in Paris” while the question “did you vote?” flashed up as “dead in a boat”.

When a character spoke about former prime minister Tony Blair being “educated at Fettes”, it appeared on-screen as “educated the fattest”.

And the observation that “every newspaper proprietor has blood on his hands today” became “every newspaper proprietor has blown in his hands today”.

The film chronicles the royal family’s struggle to meet public expectations in reacting to the death of Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris in 1997. The outdoor screening of the film was organised by Canberra Council whose spokesman Jason McNamara conceded the captions were bizarre.

“The copy shown did have some spelling mistakes and interpretations of the script which affected the experience for the deaf community present,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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