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Killing Them softly (2012)


February 28, 2013 by Royal and Doodall

I watched a film yesterday evening. … Yeah? So what?…. You say. Well, I don’t watch many films. This is due to my ridiculously short attention span and my, apparently annoying, habit of picking crater-sized holes in the plot. I will also sigh and tut a lot when unbelievable stuff happens. I can’t help it, a film needs to be plausible for me to give it brain time. As a result, it’s very rare that anyone will watch a film with me in gob-shot. Therefore, me and films meeting in perfect harmony is as likely as the Catholic Church not making an old white guy pope.

So, I watched a film. It was on DVD – is that considered retro yet? – I was prepared to give it a chance, and had been assures that it wouldn’t ┬ábore me or invoke a bout of tutitus. Guess what? It didn’t! I sat and watched the whole thing from start to finish. And, believe it or not, thoroughly enjoyed it. The film was called “Killing Them Softly”. The plot is basically about some low-rent crooks robbing some slightly less low-rent crooks and the result of their actions. It isn’t a Tarantino film, but was very Tarantinoish. Which in my opinion is a good thing.

So, there you go. If you get the chance, watch it. Oh, Brad Pitt is on it.


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