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We listen to a lot of podcasts! Here is were we shall list some of the Quality ones which we think you should give a go as well! Please don’t be offended if your podcast isn’t here. We haven’t posted all the ones we listen to and they are in no particular order! If you are offended then you obviously don’t know us because there is worse to come! is the home to three excellent podcasts masterminded by one excellent podcaster. The Gee and Jay show, Pissed off man and spouse time are all here. Quite possibly one of the most prolific high quality content providers around Gavin has only ever put out one piece of content that I have not enjoyed and that was his announcement to quit. Fear not though as he return better than ever. So go and listen and rate and review on iTunes. #YaBastads

Jagged podcasts

Don’t quit your day cast – Comedian/Lunatic/possible serial killer! We love the rants of Ed Wallick from don’t quit you day cast although we do suspect he has underlying psychopathic tendencies! If you only listen to this to follow the downward spiral of this man and to make sure he is nowhere near you it will be worthwhile. Listen to Ep19 of the R&D to hear Ed on our show. The best thing to come out of a possible member of the A-Team.

Tiny Odd Converstions – Hosted by Brandi and also featuring Dr Astronaught Travis Esquire. The only podcast we know of brave enough to record as Husband and Wife. If that element of danger doesn’t inspire you to listen then you are dead to us! Hear Travis on episode 31! – The only podcast that broadcasts from a pub live each week. Apparently they solve the worlds problems one beer at a time…..we think they are trying to drink the worlds beer one beer at a time. Definitely worth your time. Check out EP16 of R&D to hear Terrill on our show or check EP32 to hear the leader Mike. The most literate thing to come out of America since Forrest Gump.

The dhead factor – The convicts are free! Think long departed, disowned, unwanted cousins then think the dhead factor. Disowned years ago they are making a come back. The Aussies have learnt to read and some idiot has given them the technology to make a podcast. Check out ep18 of R&D to hear Jabs on our show! The best Australian export since we took Danni and Kylie Minogue back! #fujosh

The Doghouse Bastards – There can be only one…..thankfully! These guys are the reason we are about (Yes feel free to contact them and have a go for that) as they inspired us to start. Not that our show is anything like theirs. The DHB is well produced, funny, and worth listening to! We love these guys and you WILL as well. Check them out live over at ustream 7.30pm GMT every monday night. Check out multiple shows of the R&D to hear Mr Pink and Scott because even though they slag us off they secretly love us. The best thing to come out of Scotland since the M74.

Succotash – The comedy podcast about comedy pod cast’s. If your time is limited and you are unable to keep up with all these podcasts then try Succotash as they feature the best clips from all of these and more. Expertly hosted by Marc Hershon, although we all know the star is Bill Haywatt, it rounds up the greatest podcasts (And us in ep20) along with some brilliant comedy of their own thrown in. The best thing to come out of podcast clips!