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Punjaab and Kulfi – Episode 4


March 14, 2013 by Royal and Doodall

Punjaab and Kulfi

It was a hot sunny day down in the slum – it was always a hot sunny day in the slum. Punjaaab was lying on the floor and lazily licking his balls.

Oh I wish something interesting would happen – he mused to himself – maybe a terrorist attack on some visiting sportsmen or an overflowing sewer spilling a torrent of second-hand goat curry into the fish market……… but no,    today everything was quiet…..

You know what….. Punjaab said to Kulfi……. I feel that I am in the need of some affection from a lady. I think I will scour the slums and see what I can find. Would you like to come and see if you can find some slum-pussy Kulfi?    …… No. said Kulfi, I have no need for lady-friends, after all, my tongue is rough and I can lick my own penis….. besides, I can’t be bothered to even stand up.

Please yourself, said Punjaab. Kulfi just grinned and said….. Yes Punjaab – exactly……

And with that Punjaab set off in hunt of bitches.

It wasn’t easy to track down the ladies, as differentiating between the smell of rotting fish and human faeces and the lady parts that Punjaab was seeking was difficult. Soon enough though Punjaab happened across a suitable candidate for his amorous intentions.

Punjaab licked his eyebrows and swaggered across to the lady, who was sharing a dead rat with her children….

Hello my fine beauty, Punjaab said in his best lothario voice,   those are some fine looking puppies you have there, and as such it is obvious that you are not a stranger to the sexual acts? Anjaali, for that was her name, smiled at Punjaab and gave him a coy look. Punjaab wasted no time and as she turned away from him he mounted her like he was riding a pony in one of the great western rodeos he had once seen on a television in the shopping area. Anjaali, taken by surprise at Punjaabs quick entry tried to move away and disengage Punjaab from her lady-parts, but Punjaab was an expert in the field of dog-rape and clung on with his front legs until he had negotiated Anjaali into corner from which there was no escape. Punjaab, was in ecstasy and pounded away as fast as his hips would go. Anjaali whimpered and barked softly as Punjaab thrusted into her……. Yeah Bitch, whispered Punjaab, you love it don’t you, me taking you human style and very soon Punjaab reached his chilli-stroke and was spent………

In his passionate frenzy, Punjaab did not notice that his love-making and the smell of the action had attracted quite a few of the local slutty slum-bitches to see what was happening. They had enjoyed Punjaabs performance and were all hotter than the midday sun and damper than a punka wallers armpit…..

Oh, Punjaab….. they squealed…….. you are truly a stud, a veritable canine Casanova… we wish very much for you to enter us and make us your harem. Punjaab was truly flattered by this admiration and decided that he would indeed give each and every one a portion of his hot kofte. After all, these bitches smelled great and to the eye were all very pleasing.

So Punjaab carried out the task asked of him and serviced all of them in turn.

Well, thought Punjaab to himself, apparently you can fuck every pleaser.

Didly dah diddly dah………………………..

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