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Punjaab and Kulfi – Episode 6


March 16, 2013 by Royal and Doodall

Punjaab and Kulfi

It was a very cold and wet day in the Bradford dog pound. It was always a very cold and wet day in the Bradford dog pound.

Punjaab was very depressed. He had spent two days staring through the bars of his cage. Oh goodness gracious me, thought Punjaab, I miss the Mumbai slum and all the wallers that live there. Oh Kulfi, he thought, I miss your furry balls, I miss your incessant licking and disinterest, oh I am so depressed.

And then a man appeared in front of Punjaab’s cage. He started talking in strange tongues that Punjaab could not understand and in his hand was a syringe. The syringe it had blue liquid in it but to Punjaabs surprise the man opened his cage and started stroking Punjaab’s neck. Without another word the man plunged the needle deep into Punjaab. Punjaab felt sleepy and then………he was gone.

Oh well, thought Punjaab, I am a ghost.

Diddly dee diddly dah….

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